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Christopher Schultz

2016-02-20 19.21.12

Video Surveillance Lighting

There is more to a video surveillance system that just cameras. As any photographer or videographer will tell you: “The right light makes all the difference”. Whereas in photography different temperature and levels of light are used to create the mood, surveillance video systems need bright, even and white light. Ideally, lighting for surveillance cameras…

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Fingerprint Card

Checklist for a Comprehensive Background Check

Common Misconceptions Background checks are offered in many variations and formats. The internet offers a range of resources to investigate people from free access to state court records to pay for use services such as BeenVerified.com. The general public has easy access to resources which in the past required significant leg work going to courthouses…

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Three Circles of Holistic Security Planning

7 Steps to Avoid Gaps in your Security

Holistic Enterprise Security provides a secure, controlled method for interfacing personnel management, business IT services, logical security services, physical security services and IP enabled facility services to achieve integrated workflow amongst the Personnel, Information Technology and Physical Security Domains. Joseph Brand, CISSP, GPEN, CICP, CAP Chief Security Officer, Fornetix Take a Holistic Approach to Security…

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Thief breaking in through window

Preventing Crimes of Opportunity

Crimes of Opportunity are the number one offenses by volume across all property types and the easiest to prevent. For you convenience here is some tips to help reduce the number of crimes of opportunity on your property. Tips for the Property Manager Keep up with lighting maintenance and add additional light fixtures to avoid…

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Life cycle

Full Life Cycle Security Planning

In today’s world threats to a business or operation are diverse and increasingly more ominous. Accordingly, risk exposure can increase systemically throughout all of your business functions. For example, a struggling economy can increase internal theft, increased tension amongst employees can increase workplace violence, increased competition makes corporate espionage more likely and global politics can…

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