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Crimes of Opportunity are the number one offenses by volume across all property types and the easiest to prevent. For your convenience here are some tips to help reduce the number of crimes of opportunity on your property. Read More

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Have you Thought about your Personal Safety Today?

This week, we bring you some valuable insights on personal safety and security from our guest blogger, John Cross. Security is a dilemma for Americans. We want our homes, finances, and ourselves to be safe from threats but, we hate to be inconvenienced. Instant gratification is often the goal in our society. Being complacent and assuming…

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Personal Threat Awareness: Self-Assessment

Blog Series: Personal Threat Awareness Do you ‘PEMAR’? Last week, we brought you the second blog in our Personal Threat Awareness series, where we had you think about your own personal safety when you leave your home or office. We continue this week by having you do a little self-assessment evaluating your own personal threat awareness using…

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Personal Threat Awareness: How “Aware” are you?

Blog Series: Personal Threat Awareness Unfortunately, in today’s crazy world, no one is safe or immune from threats to their personal safety. With crimes such as theft and assault on the increase – it is in our best interest to become more aware of our surroundings. The best way to avoid being a victim is to minimize…

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Surviving an Active Shooter Event

Blog Series: Workplace Safety & Awareness Everyday we hear about a new act of violence, here in the in the US and abroad – No one is immune. At the beginning of July, we published our first blog related to the active shooter event containing information on what to do when you encounter an active shooter in…

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Are you Protecting your Business? The Insider Threat

Blog Series: Workplace Safety & Awareness “Where do they exist? What can you do?” In researching this weeks’ blog, I found it really amazing that 2016 has been the biggest year so far for data breaches and we still have 5 months to go! No business is an exception. So far, this year we have seen…

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Are you protecting your business? 10 Questions you need to ask

In the aftermath of the recent tragic events, workplace safety and awareness has become top of mind. Further through polling and questioning business owners and operational managers it has come to our attention that there exists a need to educate our business partners, clients and other members of the community regarding the essentials of workplace safety and awareness. Read…

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Access Control Galaxy System

Access Control: What are the Options?

What’s the BEST option for you? In a sea of access control solutions, it can be hard to identify the right solution for your business. In this blog we outline and explore the options for you, so you can easily see, at a glance the differences. From simple to complex, you are sure to find…

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