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ISP’s security officers are trained and managed by the same experts who instruct law enforcement and government security professionals.

ISP provides a complete complement of armed and unarmed security officers, vehicular patrols, executive protection and electronic security system staff. Our team is well trained, experienced, and thoroughly professional. We recruit heavily from the armed forces, police departments and criminal justice programs, ensuring that our security candidates are not only knowledgeable, they’re also proven in the field and committed to providing a level of protection other firms simply can’t offer.

Security Officer & Patrol Services

Command Center Operators

A security system is only as good as the officers that operate it. Without trained officers, the security equipment on-site is worthless. ISP provides officers with extensive training in security systems. Our officers are skilled in system operation; they’re also able to quickly identify and troubleshoot technical problems.

As a systems integrator, we provide our security professionals with a thorough education in system operation—to a degree not found in the industry. Our in-house factory-trained technicians and designers train our operators in the operation of systems and their business function. This allows us to take the burden of system use and management off the property management team.

Functions of A Command Center Operator

  • Monitor and Manage CCTV Cameras, Backups and Law Enforcement requests for footage
  • Monitor and direct response to forced door alarms, door held open alarms, and invalid reads
  • Monitor and direct response to intrusion alarms
  • Act as a central point of contact between Property Management, Security Management, Security Officers, and Law Enforcement.

Security Specialist

ISP security specialists are experienced guards and technicians who have been cross-trained in multiple disciplines. Often comprised of senior enlisted military, our security specialists are onsite resources who can handle everyday security guard and system operations. This can include supervision, training, trouble-shooting and system repair. They maintain a higher level of readiness than typical security personnel.

An ISP Security Specialist is combination of security officer supervisor and technician. He or she is a technically competent and experienced former supervisor who has been trained as a technician to respond to initial issues with electronic systems.

Typical Responsibilities of a Security Specialist

  • Manage Security Officer operations on an assigned shift
  • Review System functions and ensure backups and reports are generated and properly archived
  • Troubleshoot any system or door functions
  • Repair simple issues such as camera replacement, card reader replacement, door lock alignment, panel restarts.

The ISP Officers’ Oath of Integrity

I vow to protect those who’ve placed their trust and safety in our hands; as an expertly trained officer of Intelligent Security Protection, I commit to performing my duties with unfailing integrity, unassailable professionalism, and sound judgment at all times.

Are your people and assets secure? Our security officers are on patrol—and ready to protect your property and people from any threat.