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Security Investigation

Intelligence gathering, surveillance, research and best-of-breed security investigation techniques for corporate and family cases.

We mesh our experience in traditional investigation methods with modern surveillance, tracking, and reporting systems to uncover the answers our clients are looking for. Our mission is to deliver a comprehensive case file at a reasonable cost, without substituting quality. With a depth of experience, our investigators are laser-targeted and efficient. They use electronic labor multipliers such as cellular equipped laptops, stay behind cameras, GPS tags and detailed databases to deliver insights that typically require multi-person teams. They then compile the logs, notes, and media into a comprehensive report—an airtight proof statement for your case.

Cases we regularly investigate include:

Corporate Law Cases

  • Loss Prevention/Employee Theft
  • Corporate Intelligence
  • Asset Determination and Location
  • Corporate Policy Compliance
  • Covert Intelligence Gathering
  • Short and Long Term Disability Claims
  • Retail Investigations

Family Law Cases

  • Adultery and Spousal Disputes
  • Witness Locating
  • Child Custody and Child Neglect
  • Missing Heirs or Persons
  • Nanny Behavior
  • Asset Location

The ISP Personnel Dossier

Every business must ensure that their staff and partners are qualified and trustworthy. Many companies turn to internal security departments or third party contractors to conduct online background checks. But there’s a problem: Up to 1 in 10 traditional online background checks contain errors or inaccuracies.

The ISP Personnel Dossier elevates the background check by drawing from multiple sources and cross- referencing data to ensure a thorough representation of a person’s history. ISP capitalizes on the vast amount of information available to us through government databases, proprietary databases, and media publications to deliver a comprehensive profile of a person—and the information you need to make smart decisions about whom you work with.

ISP Advantage

Our pledge is to deliver exceptional service and a high return on our clients’ security investment.

To fulfill this pledge, we ensure our team members are highly trained and operate as a cohesive organization. To accomplish this, ISP focuses on four key factors Strategic Networking and Recruiting, Maximization of Technology, Employee Training and Retention, and Transparent Quality Control.

This is the ISP Advantage.

Our culture is focused on our clients’ needs, offering a holistic approach to security. We stand out from other firms because we focus on identifying and mitigating our clients’ risks through the most productive and cost effective solution—not through one particular service or system.

Are you looking for answers? ISP is a trusted security consultant who can provide you with the information you need—accurately, ethically, and professionally.