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Security System Integration

ISP provides the most advanced security system integration technology available, including access control, Biometrics, CCTV and intrusion detection.


When it’s designed well, an integrated security system can provide powerful deterrence and protection for any organization. But its success relies on having the right architecture. ISP’s team brings decades of technical and security experience, ensuring that every piece of your system—from access control and CCTV cameras, to biometrics and alarm monitoring—is working together to protect what matters most. Sometimes, this involves a new ground up installation. Other times, it may be a matter of integrating your existing systems. Either way, ISP understands the capabilities of each system and how to implement a robust solution. Your organization gets rapid delivery of information and control commands. Your facility gets a dynamic integrated security system to meet today’s growing threats. And you get a greater sense of security and confidence knowing that ISP is on guard.

Access Control

Access control is the art and science of providing defense in layers. At its core, an access control system must excel at:

  • securing a facility’s perimeter inner and outer perimeter
  • verifying the identity of authorized personnel
  • identifying guests and visitors

As an authorized distributor of Galaxy Control Systems—one of the most respected technology providers in the industry—ISP is an expert at the design, installation, maintenance, and repair of Galaxy and competition access control systems. For our high-stakes/high-profile clients in government and the Department of Defense, we also offer. NIST SP 800 certified solutions.

Learn more about the different Access Control Systems.

Biometric Authentication

Once the stuff of science fiction, biometric authentication is now a common and, for some organizations, an essential component of access control. At its core, it’s the capturing and comparison of a person’s physical characteristic for use in identification and verification, providing a powerful layer of security that is difficult to bypass. Advancements in technology and decreases in cost have made biometric authentication more accessible than ever to organizations of all sizes. ISP offers biometric authentication systems for commercial and government clients, based on several different physical properties including:

  • Finger Vein
  • Fingerprint
  • Palm Geometry
  • Iris
  • 3D Face Recognition
  • Body Motion

ISP’s consultants and technicians offer the expertise to properly select and implement the correct biometric solution—and even integrate into your organization’s current access control system.

CCTV and Video Analytics

Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) offers an affordable way to monitor facilities of all sizes without the need to have an officer at every sector. Consider it an electronic labor multiplier for your security force. A CCTV system with video analytics can dramatically reduce the time it takes to detect unauthorized personnel or intruders in protected areas. But its value extends beyond in-the-moment security. Besides detection, CCTV can be used as documentation—and evidence—to counter refute false claims and prosecute offenders. It never forgets. It never lies. It’s the ultimate witness. ISP can design and implement a turnkey solution that fits any facility and budget with technology including:

  • Color Megapixel Cameras
  • Network Video Storage
  • Infra-Red Cameras
  • Thermal Cameras
  • License Plate Recognition
  • Virtual Perimeters
  • Intrusion Detection

Intrusion Detection

An Intrusion Detection System (IDS) provides a cost effective way to quickly detect the presence of unauthorized personnel. Many security vendors provide IDS equipment. But few are able to integrate IDS into a layered defense plan. This is where ISP stands out from our competitors: We have the expertise to integrate an IDS solution seamlessly into your electronic security solution, providing a massive upgrade in its detection capabilities for a fraction of the cost of providing additional manpower or overhauling an existing system.

Are your people and assets secure? ISP’s security system integration provides significant savings over the cost of implementing a new system—and a massive upgrade in protection.