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Personal Threat Awareness

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Have you Thought about your Personal Safety Today?

This week, we bring you some valuable insights on personal safety and security from our guest blogger, John Cross. Security is a dilemma for Americans. We want our homes, finances, and ourselves to be safe from threats but, we hate to be inconvenienced. Instant gratification is often the goal in our society. Being complacent and assuming…

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Personal Threat Awareness: How to ‘Blend In’

Blog Series: Personal Threat Awareness Every day we leave the safety of our homes and head out into the big, bad world where there are predators just waiting for the right person, situation or opportunity to attack. In order to avoid becoming a victim, there are several things that you can do to reduce your threat…

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Personal Threat Awareness: Self-Assessment

Blog Series: Personal Threat Awareness Do you ‘PEMAR’? Last week, we brought you the second blog in our Personal Threat Awareness series, where we had you think about your own personal safety when you leave your home or office. We continue this week by having you do a little self-assessment evaluating your own personal threat awareness using…

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Personal Threat Awareness: How “Aware” are you?

Blog Series: Personal Threat Awareness Unfortunately, in today’s crazy world, no one is safe or immune from threats to their personal safety. With crimes such as theft and assault on the increase – it is in our best interest to become more aware of our surroundings. The best way to avoid being a victim is to minimize…

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