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New Technologies to improve your Access Control

The most valuable asset to any facility regardless of property type is the people. Identifying and verifying employees, residents,contractors and guests can be an expensive and labor intensive task.  Fortunately, technology has provided several new advancements in access control to aid property and security managers. Read More

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Crimes of Opportunity are the number one offenses by volume across all property types and the easiest to prevent. For your convenience here are some tips to help reduce the number of crimes of opportunity on your property. Read More

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Active shooter eventsv600

Surviving an Active Shooter Event

Blog Series: Workplace Safety & Awareness Everyday we hear about a new act of violence, here in the in the US and abroad – No one is immune. At the beginning of July, we published our first blog related to the active shooter event containing information on what to do when you encounter an active shooter in…

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Insider Blog_600

Are you Protecting your Business? The Insider Threat

Blog Series: Workplace Safety & Awareness “Where do they exist? What can you do?” In researching this weeks’ blog, I found it really amazing that 2016 has been the biggest year so far for data breaches and we still have 5 months to go! No business is an exception. So far, this year we have seen…

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Access Control Galaxy System

Access Control: What are the Options?

What’s the BEST option for you? In a sea of access control solutions, it can be hard to identify the right solution for your business. In this blog we outline and explore the options for you, so you can easily see, at a glance the differences. From simple to complex, you are sure to find…

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Hiring the RIGHT Security Officer

As the clock shows 9am, I have begun my day; settling in and preparing for the flood of interviews I have scheduled. I prepare for interviews by making sure there are enough copies of applications, my question sheet is in hand… Read More

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Life cycle

Full Life Cycle Security Planning

In today’s world threats to a business or operation are diverse and increasingly more ominous. Accordingly, risk exposure can increase systemically throughout all of your business functions. For example, a struggling economy can increase internal theft, increased tension amongst employees can increase workplace violence, increased competition makes corporate espionage more likely and global politics can…

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